uhhuh if i was a wizard, this wouldn't be happening
if i was a wizard
this wouldn't be happening

"You are like an adorable forest fire."
- hpthugcraft

My name is Fish. I like to play video games and draw sometimes and I am not very good at either of those things.

Here is my art, if that's why you're here! On occasion, I've also been known to write.

I got tired of having a party comprised entirely of Grey Wardens, as amusing as it was to think the cutest little Warden in the room made all the uniforms herself. So I went on a big downloading spree and tried to give everybody armor I felt fit them best. 

  • Oghren is wearing the Paragon armor set, which comes as a reward at the end of the Paragon of Her Kind questline with the Improved Atmosphere mod (I believe). 
  • Leliana is wearing the Armor of the Devout (which is hilarious, because I just hardened her out of her delicate little Chantry mindset). 
  • Morrigan is wearing the mage-version Wing of Lilith robe, recolored with the Universal Dye Kit.
  • Sten is just wearing the Qunari bodypaint that came in the Qunari update mod, but I did download this Armor of the Sten for variety (and then decided I didn’t especially want to cover up that chest). 
  • The Cutest Little Warden in the Room is wearing the Matriarch Phoenix armor set, dyed to mimic Warden colors a bit more closely. 
  • Millie the mabari (everyone keeps calling her a boy, but she’s totally a girl mabari, I do not give a single fuck) has been recolored white.
  • Alistair is still wearing his heavy Warden armor (I should see about moving him up to the massive set).
  • Wynne is wearing the Priest’s Garb from this armor pack, dyed completely white. (Oh, and she and Morrigan both have staffs from this pack. Wynne’s is really reminding me of one I had in WoW; it’s kind of fucking with my mind.)
  • Zevran is wearing the Champion rogue armor set from Kirkwall Exports (naturally), and he rocks that shit like he owns it. 

And Shale just gets a matching set of her usual pretty crystals. Oh, but I did find he SINGLE GREATEST DA:O MOD EVER today:

The No Helmet Hack


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